Why People don’t achieve goals


100% Participation. These two words tell me if a person is or is not going to achieve his or her goals. The question to ask yourself is, “where am I participating 100%?”

For example if you want more customers, there are only 2 areas for you to participate
100% in, which are: Lead Generating activities and Prospect Conversion activities.
Participating a 100% in these two areas would mean testing various Lead Generation
and Conversion strategies such as telemarketing, sales scripts, facebook advertising, etc, and comparing results, innovating, creating new tactics, adapting and so on. When you stop participating here, new customers stop coming in! It’s that simple. Focus like a laser beam on these two areas daily, weekly and monthly and you’ll have an explosion in new clients!

Let’s take another example. One most people are familiar with-losing weight. To burn
fat and shed those excess pounds the question is again “where am I participating
100%?” You’re either participating in gaining fat or losing it. Even worse is if you’re
participating 100% in gaining fat ie eating badly, lack of exercise, being in a high
stress state constantly, etc then you’ll keep putting on weight. But participate in eating foods that God created such as real vegetables and fruits and meats and eat these foods in a healthy way, your pounds will begin to drop off.

In a marriage the same thing appears. Participate 100% in creating a loving and
supportive marriage through autentic and responsible communication and the marriage will blossom. On the other hand, participate in “being right”, blame, denial, etc the marriage will fail. Participate as a couple-your marriage succeeds, participate as individuals-your marriage starts going downhill.

So begin today by asking yourself two very powerful questions related to any Goal
you want to achieve:

1) What areas do I need to participate in?
2) What do I need to do to participate 100% in these areas?

Have an awesome Goal achieving month!

-Jeevan Sahadevan