Why People don’t achieve goals

100% Participation. These two words tell me if a person is or is not going to achieve his or her goals. The question to ask yourself is, “where am I participating 100%?” For example if you want more customers, there are only 2 areas for you to participate 100% in, which are: Lead Generating activities […]

One of the MOST powerful strategies in generating clients for your Business!

Business Owners, CEOs, Sales and Marketing Department Heads and General Managers are all always on the look out for the latest, fastest and most effective methods of getting in new customers for their companies/businesses. There are literally hundreds of strategies that you can use to do this from big-ticket methods such as sponsorships, public relations […]

How to have an Unlimited Marketing Budget for your Business

When many entrepreneurs or CEOs talk to me about creating a budget for their marketing activities, they throw in all kinds of ridiculous figures (RM3000, RM50 000, RM 2 million, etc) with absolutely no reasoning behind them other than just a feeling of what it should be. Sometimes theres the question of ‘what’s the industry […]